International National Training

The Gambia Armed Forces Defence Intelligence and Security Company (DISEC) in partnership with the British Army Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) completed a month long Joint Training Exercise.  

The training was meant to achieve two key objectives, which are; Collective Training (CT) and Defence Engagement (DE). The CT focused mainly on Fire Team and Platoon drills in all the phases of war. It was ensured through strengthening the mastery of participant’s skills on Counter Improvised Explosive Devises (CIED), Reconnaissance, Ground Manoeuvre (GM), Deliberate and Hasty Attacks, Breaching and Obstacle Crossing, Delivering Orders, Providing Framework Patrols, Partnering, Mentoring and CASEVAC amongst others.

The DE on the other hand was geared towards maintaining the relationship between the UK and The Republic of Gambia in order to develop a deeper understanding of each other’s training and operational procedures.The training involved a 5 day Field Training Exercise (FTX) conducted within the major settlements of the West Coast Region including Gunjur, Sifoe, Nyfolleh, Kunkujang, Kassa Kunda and Brikama. A battlefield simulation attack on Fighting-in-Buildup Area (FIBUA) was conducted during the final phase of the training at the Lance Coporal Bojang Range in Brikama. The training was challenging, but rewarding as it enhanced the operational readiness of both troops.