The Fourth Infantry battalion is situated about 119Km from Banjul. The Battalion is an integral part of the Gambia National Army (GNA) with its HQ in Kanilai and bases in Kanfeda and Kalagi.  The Fourth Infantry battalion was recently established but has some historical connections with 1996 and the former President, Yaya Jammeh.


It was in 1996 when soldiers were first deployed to Kanilai, the birthplace of the former President, as a guard post. Their strength was subsequently increased with time to form a battalion. The battalion is geographically located in West Coast Region in the Foni Kansala District.

The region of Foni shares a border with Casamance which has witnessed a protracted insurgency between the Senegalese Armed Forces and the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC) way back in 1982.   With the protraction and deterioration of the insurgency, the main MFDC got fragmented leading to the formation of new factions with some rebel campsites not far from the Gambian border.

The battalion then a garrison under the Stated Guard Battalion was positioned in Kanilai to provide security to both the then president and the general area of the region. In January 2017, after the political impasse, both officers and men of the garrison were withdrawn from and deployed to the various battalions in the country. On 2 April 2017 a Company strength from One (1) Infantry Battalion was deployed to the Kanilai General Area. Later in June of the same year the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Lt Gen Masanneh N Kinteh  established the battalion named as 4 Infantry Battalion (4 Inf Bn) effective 06 June 2017.


4 Inf Bn provides security in the Foni Kansala District and perform routine operational function like any other battalion within the GAF. The Battalion Command’s  endeavoured to hold meetings with the Alkalos of the Region to abolish illegal logging and enhance security within Kanilai and her surroundings paid dividend in the areas of concern.

The Battalion has been involved in series of community services especially weeding of  market areas, praying grounds and the clearing of the road heading to Mayork from Kanilai. Among other achievements the battalion had successfully engage in a friendly football tournament with the Senegalese ECOMIG Forces to cement Military Relations. The civil/military relationship between the Battalion and the populace of the region is highly cordially and security intact.