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The Gambia Armed Forces Engineering Corps (GAFEC)

They are fondly called sappers in the military and in civil parlance they are referred to as engineers. The sappers are an extra-ordinary group of military personnel whose work is more than just engineering.

Mayork Lab

They are geologists, surveyors, draftsmen, artists, architects, explorers, antiquaries, mechanics, drivers, soldiers, and sailors all rolled into one group. They are ever ready to do anything or to go anywhere. They are usually the first to step feet on the battle field and the last to get out of it . Among their various tasks in the battle include building and demolishing of shelters, laying and clearing of mine fields as well as fixing and blowing of bridges. In short, these folks can build or fix anything ever made by man and can demolish        to-kingdom-come anything and everything. We thank God that the Gambia is one of the most stable and peaceful countries in Africa if not the world over and as a result the Gambia Armed Forces is not in battle (except for our peace keeping commitments). Nonetheless, our sappers are not resting on their laurels. They are involved in each and every type of construction and maintenance work in the barracks and all military installations and residences.

Mayork Senior Secondary School

About two years ago, the Gambia Armed Forces engineers teamed up the with those of the other Security Services to form a grouping called the Armed Forces and Security Services Engineering Corp (ASSEC). ASSEC is composed of less than a hundred personnel and they specialize in civil engineering. In early 2006, these daring chaps entered into the territory dominated by such big moguls as TAF Construction Company, GIGO, CSE, GACEM and the likes.      They signed a contract with the Gambia Government to construct a Senior  Secondary School in a village called Mayork in Foni Bondali.

On the 5thebruary 2006, the engineers in camouflage set work on their latest civil project with full military vigour, determination, commitment and devotion. Two years on, the thick bushes in the outskirts of Mayork are replaced with a sprawling state of the art architecture. The Mayork Senior Secondary Senior School is composed of 13 solid buildings. It has four multiple story building-three of which are classrooms and the fourth and ultra modern science laboratory.

A Brief Background Of The Gambia Armed Forces Engineers Corps


UTG Campus in Farabantan

The Gambia at med Forces Engineers corps traced her origin way back from the pioneer unit which was establish on 10 Feb 1977 by the British Army Training Team (BATT).This unit was commanded by Maj. Gamble,it was tasked with the construction of both vertical and horizontal of the present Farafenni Barracks. In 1979.

In 1979, Maj. Lee took over from Maj. Gamble to continue the Barracks construction of both vertical and horizontal construction. This unit was well staffed, trained and equipped.

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