Enlistment as RCC Officer

Enlistment into the Gambia Armed Forces as a Regular Combatant Commission Officer.

General Conditions. Persons who are granted RCC must have passed a Commission Selection Board (CSB) and must have successfully undergone training at a Military Academy or a recognised Officer School. Notwithstanding, persons who are granted Direct Short Service Commission and Executive Special Duty Commission may convert their commission to RCC after they have successfully  passed the Special Commission Selection Board (CSB) and after they have successfully undergone the officers orientation training course.

Selection for Officer Cadet Training. A person shall be eligible for selection for Officer Cadet Training if he/she fulfils all of the following conditions:

  • He/She must be Gambian citizen.
  • He/She must be between the ages of 18 and 22 at commencement of basis training.
  • He/She must be medically fit in accordance with the rules of medical standards of the Gambia Armed Forces.
  • He/She must attend and pass a Commission Selection Board.
  • He/She must possess any of the following minimum educational qualifications:
    1. Higher Education Certificate or equivalent.
    2. General Certificate of Education (GCE Advance Level) or equivalent (WASSSCE Grade 12).
    3. He/She must be recommended as follows:
    1. In the case of serving other ranks, he/she must be recommended by his Commanding Officer or equivalent.
    2. In the case of a civilian who is employed, he/she must be recommended by his/her employer.

In the case of unemployed person, he/she must be recommended by the Local Government Authority of the area in which he/she resides.