Directorate of Records Gambia Armed Forces


Maj AK Jah Director of GAF Records

Records Directorates was combined together with the Orderly Room of the Gambia National Army at Yundum Barracks which was then the Headquarters of the Army. In 1992, the Headquarters was moved from Yundum Barracks to No 7 Marina Parade, Banjul and rename DHQ, now the Joint Service Headquarters (JSHQ). In 2003 DHQ was again moved to the present location at No 3 Marina Parade Banjul, were the Records Directorate was separated from the Orderly Room.             

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Keeping and updating of Commission Officer Personal Documents.
  • Monitoring and updating of all the soldiers personal documents at Units level.
  • Posting of Officers and Soldiers within the Armed Forces.
  • Documenting of newly recruited soldiers into GAF.
  • Anything that concern officers and soldiers personal documentation.


The Records Directorate is able to normalize the accountability of all serving members of the Gambia Armed Forces at all level of GAF and also keeping all the records of officers and soldier in tack, which included, Leave Records, Certificates of Service for all Discharge Officers and Soldiers, updating of Officers Curriculum Vitae (CV), Course Reports both Overseas and Local etc.