The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) is slated to participate in a Multinational Joint Military Maneuver code named “Exercise Gulf Shield 1” scheduled to take place in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Saturday 10 March to Friday 06 April 2018. The main purpose of the exercise is to unify and integrate the armed forces from friendly countries in order to counter threats and challenges of global terrorism. Over fourteen (14) countries including the Republic of The Gambia have been invited to take part by contributing troops to the Joint Military Exercise.

GAF Troops on Training

To this end, a Farewell ceremony was conduct for Tuesday 20  March 2018 at the Banjul International Airport  before the departure of the troops, comprising eleven (11) officers and seventy-four (74) other ranks.  The troop is made up of  an Infantry and  a Ceremonial Platoon. In preparation for the exercise the troops  have been well prepared and also taken through a cultural orientation program by the Supreme Islamic Council on the cultures and values of Islam prior to their departure. to the Holy Kingdom.

The Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extended an invitation to the GAF way back in October 2017 to take part in Common Maneuvers (Gulf Shielf 1) in Dammam, Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. The exercise is divided into three phases as follows:

  1. Effective participation of forces/ troops
  2. Participation of Senior Staff Officers (Infomation and Analysis, Communications, Operations, Media).
  3. Participation as Observers

The Gambia Armed Forces was represented at the Initial Planning, Second and Final Planning conferences by the Director of  Peacekeeping Operation, Col Alagie Sanneh and Commanding Officer, 1 Infantry Battalion, Yundum Barracks, Lt. Col Samba Baldeh. 

The participation of our troops in this exercise would not only strengthen the relationship between our two armed forces but will also contribute to the high level of professionalism, discipline and good conduct given the multinational nature of the exercise. In addition, our participation would encourage partnership, exchange of experience with other Armed Forces thereby exposing our men to Best Military practices; and also improving performance of our personnel in the area of counter-terrorism operations.