Press Release
Major LK Sanyang

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) appoints Lieutenant Malick Sanyang as acting GAF Public Relations Officer. This development occurred on Thursday, 12 July 2018. He replaces Major Lamin K. Sanyang, who left for Nigeria for a Staff Course at the Nigeria Armed Forces Command and Staff College in Jaji.

GAF on Cleansing Exercise

He will be there for roughly five months during which he is expected to complete his Junior Division Course (JD). Meanwhile, Lieutenant Malick Sanyang has been working under the Public Relations Department since 2013 and served as Public Relations Officer for GAF till sometime in and went for peacekeeping under the auspices of the United Nations- African Union Mission in Darfur.

The Public Relations Department of GAF continues to commit itself to the ideals of GAF in fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities. In the recent drive to revamp and refocus more on civil engagements at all levels, GAF has responded positively to several requests from civil organizations and associations. These efforts on the part of GAF have greatly enhanced the spirit of Civil Military Relations. Donation of blood by soldiers to needy patients and the free medical care accorded to members of the public speaks volume. Responses have also been made in the honoring of calls by civilians on cleansing exercises such as the cleansing of the Old Jeshwang burial ground. GAF is poised to continue this important role within its capacity at all times.