International National Press Release

As the United Nations African Union Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) is coming to closure after achieving its ultimate peace keeping goals in Sudan, it is customary in all UN deployments like in Liberia, Lebanon and East Timor, the mission in Darfur is expected to downsize.

As earlier published on 17 November 2018, the Gambia Armed Forces welcomes home 75 out of 208 of her  personnel. The affected gallant personnel of the Gambia Armed Forces arrived in the country on Sunday 30 December 2018. In the same vain, other countries also serving the UN mission In Darfur Sudan had their troops downsized with complete repatriation due to the mission’s strategic review and recommendation for the downsizing of number of troops.

Some of the affected countries are Senegal Battalion 13 (SENBATT 13) completely Repatriated, Nigerian Battalion 46 (NIGBATT 46) completely Repatriated, Burundi Battalion 8 (BURBATT 8) completely Repatriated, Pakistan Battalion  5 (PAKBATT 5) completely Repatriated, Mongolian Level 2 Hospital completely Repatriated and others would follow leading to the eventual closure and liquidation of the Mission in 2020 if the security situation permits and will also be subjected to a review in May 19.

The Chief of Defence Staff and the entire GAF High Command continue to thank the gallant men in uniform for their steady and unequivocal stance in contributing to peacekeeping both within and outside The Gambia at all times.