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The Gambia Armed Forces selected a group of young Gambians in 2014 and sent to Turkey for training after succeeding through a Cadet Selection Board. The opportunity came for them through an opening of slots from Turkey a key partner-country for training in their Army and Naval academies.

Consequently, Officer Cadet Pa Modou Mboob and Ebrima Jallow are attending Naval Academy with the former studying a BSc in  Computer Engineering and the latter a BSc in  Electronic and Electrical Engineering and both specializing  in Surface Warfare as Deck Officers.

This opening would also see Officer Cadets Edrissa E Jallow and Mbye Bah pursuing  a BSc in Computer Engineering and Civil Engineering respectively. Their specialization touches on Signals and Communications for the former while latter would be an Engineering Officer.

Except for Officer Cadet Ebrima Jallow who went a year later, the three others would graduate by August 2019. The course duration is Five (5) years  at the Turkish Naval Academy plus One (1) year for officer specialization making a total of Six (6) years where you would graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. The period of training would also cover military and sports activities to a great extent. The young Officers are wished well as they near completion of their training and thanked for their service to the Motherland, The Gambia.

Officer Cadet Mbye Bah
Officer Cadet Edrissa E Jallow
Officer Cadet Pa Modou Mboob
Officer Cadet Ebrima Jallow