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Mr Keola Norman an Engineer working for the US Africa Command who helped install the Radar and VHF Radios at the Navy’s Maritime Operation Centre (MOC) is decorated as a friend of the Gambia Armed Forces. The ceremony was held at the MOC. In attendance was the Commander Gambia Navy, Officer Commanding the Gambia Navy, Director of Communication and Information Technology GAF, representative from the USA Embassy, officers and men of both Defence Headquarters and the Navy.

Speaking at the ceremony, Commodore Madani Senghore, Commander Gambia Navy thanked Mr Norman for the installation of the Radar and Radios for the Navy. He said the radar and the upgrades will help enhance the work of the Navy and hoped that there would be further more development in the near future.

Mr Norman speaking after receipt of the medal ” Friend of the Gambia Armed Forces” and a certificate of appreciation,  said that he was happy to have worked with the Gambia Armed Forces. He expressed his willingness to work with the Gambia Navy and promised to give his best support anytime chances avail itself. Mr Norman had  been  helping  GAF and the Navy in particular over the past years.