National Social News

Yundum Barracks school French club on Wednesday 20 March 2019 joined the rest of the Francophone Countries to commemorate Francophonie day.

The event said to be the first of its kind since the Gambia joined the francophone in 2017, began with a March pass of students and teachers from the Banjul International Airport gate to the school ground marking the importance of the day.

In attendance of the ceremony at the school ground was the camp commandant Lieutenant Colonel John P Gomez, Chief Executive Officer CEO Gambia Armed Forces Education unit Captain Momodou Camara, Captain Amat Jangum Officer Commanding Yundum Military Police, Horja Touray Early Childhood Development ECD specialist and Alagie Jarra French focal point region 2.

Speaking at the ceremony the CEO GAF Education unit Captain Momodou Camara thanked the French teachers of the school for coming up with the initiative to celebrate this day. He said the day is as equally important as other occasions held in the Gambia because it signifies the importance of French Language in the Gambia and will promote the teaching and learning of French in School and even at the Nursery level. He added that, though the Gambia was not colonies by the French, nonetheless the government deemed it important to join the Francophone Countries as it would encourage the students to learn the French language in school. I urged the students to take French seriously as any other subject taught in school he concluded.

Mr Alagie Jarra a French focal point officer in Region 2 underscored the importance of the Francophonie day. He said that teaching and learning of  the French language is not left behind in the region more particularly in Yundum Barracks School. He assured his support to the school in any French activities. He added that, this is just the beginning as we are in the world of globalization, and looking at the international level the Gambia is somehow left behind. Mr Jarra further asserted that, the demarcation of Francophonie has 88 states and governments including 26 observers across the five continents. The International Organization of Francophonie (IOF) has 84 members and governments represents over one – third of UN members he said.

The purpose of the Franciphonie was to promote or dialogue the difference of political or economic solidarity between the French speaking countries, promote French and cultural diversity, promote peace, democracy and human right, and more over promote education, training, science and research he concluded.