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As the year 2019 is coming to an end, I wish to seize this great opportunity with immense gratitude to the Almighty God to commend the great efforts and sacrifices of members of the Gambia Armed Forces. The year under review has indeed been a successful one as we have been able to guard jealously the peace this great country is known for and also respond to assistance from civilian authorities. The Gambia Armed Forces also continue to play a very crucial role in international peace missions with the United Nations in Darfur, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Mali. I want to urge you all to remain professional and steadfast as we continue to professionally and responsively carry out our constitutional mandate at home and abroad.

As you are all aware of the political landscape of the country, it is incumbent upon us to always remember our role as an Armed Forces. We must remain apolitical and focus on our assigned roles and responsibilities. This is one great achievement that we as an Armed Forces have achieved as one of the fundamental gains in our reform process. We have all been very important players in these successes. Therefore, while we jealously guard our gains, we must remain vigilant, send the message of peace as well as  always remain united and stay clear off tribalism. We must not take sides; our only tribe is the Gambia. I admonish you all to always reflect on the past and the legacy we would hand over to the next generation. Anything otherwise, we would be condemned by history.

Accordingly, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr Adama Barrow has pledged his commitment in supporting the Armed Forces in its transformation process. This has been manifested by the appointment of Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye as Minister of Defence earlier in the year. We are delighted that his appointment has added a great impetus to the Ministry and by extension to the Armed Forces. Thus, amplifying our efforts towards the professional trajectory of the Armed Forces.  We must admit the great and untiring assistance offered by our partners in the areas of training, capacity building and logistics support. I must also commend the sister services and the ECOMIG for the coordination and support we continue to share. We are indeed in the right direction to realizing the Armed Forces we all have been yearning for.

The festive period begins with peace and merriment as well as love and reflection. I enjoin us all that while we celebrate, let us also remember our colleagues who left us this year to the hereafter. We pray that the Almighty God forgive them their shortcomings and grant them the highest heaven. It is pertinent to note that our role is sacred and our job is a noble one. Therefore, we must always remain committed to the collective interest of this country. I thank you all for the good job you have done in 2019 and look forward to us making greater progress in 2020. Long live The Gambia Armed Forces.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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