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The Gambia Navy provides safety and comfort at sea as the sea farers transport a patient from Barra to Banjul. This comes on the heels of providing security while at the same time enforcing safety regulations at canoe landing sites in Banjul and Barra. Although this has been part of the Navy’s routine activities, it became even more invested of recent in this special time as a key stakeholder in the Gambia’s maritime domain. The Navy currently provides ambulance services for patients crossing between Banjul and Barra as local canoes become the only means of crossing platforms between the two main points in the Gambia closest to the Atlantic Ocean. Followers of the nation’s broadcaster GRTS would recall an interview with the Gambia Ports Authority sometime in September this year during which it was said plans were afoot to rebuild the ramps in Banjul and Barra. This activity thereof Kickstarted barely 72 hours ago in the course of   which ferries plying to and fro the Capital City and Barra would be halted for up to a month’s time. It should be noted that the Gambia Navy have over the years provided respite to those who drown at sea as well as crossing pregnant women mostly in the hinterlands.