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The Chief of Defence Staff visited the Hamza Barracks on Friday 27 July 2018. The aim of this snap visit was to clear the hoax circulating in the medias over the relocation of soldiers occupying the Barracks. The is not a new norm for GAF personnel to rotate from one barracks to another and the Hamza Barracks is not an exception. The CDS deemed it necessary to visit and see for himself how the state of the Barracks is.

This notice of vacation or movement out by non-military personnel is aim at having total military occupation of the Barracks. Military camps are not supposed to be hosting non-military families (civilian personnel) as per best practices. The second reason from this movement is to bring personnel closer to their units, thus it will much wise to have personnel serving under 1 Infantry Battalion to live in the Yundum Camp. This will enhance efficiency in time and resource management.

In light of the above, GAF gave a three-month notice to personnel occupying the Hamza Barracks to peacefully relocate to the other GAF settlements.